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In a recent discussion, Chubb industry experts shed light on the profound impact of higher interest rates and inflation on the construction sector. As the construction industry evolves amidst global changes, the experts delve into Chubb's long-standing presence in the sector and the challenges posed by emerging trends.

Authors: Think Digital Group’s Will Wilson, Technology Director, and Abi Stoker, Digital Marketing Director.

In today's digital age, the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) pervades every corner of our lives, from news headlines to everyday conversations. But what exactly does this technological marvel entail?

In the absence of a significant catastrophe event, the January 2024 renewals are expected to be more orderly than the prior year, with supply and demand largely in balance. 

Following the reset in property catastrophe pricing and retention levels in January 2023, subsequent renewals in April, June and July were more predictable, as reinsurers re-established their risk appetite and insurers successfully navigated the changing market dynamics.