Should CII qualifications be compulsory for brokers?

42 mins 26 secs

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Is insurance broking a profession that can be compared to accountancy and law? A recent CII survey found that 60% of customers think it is, with even more thinking that brokers already have to be qualified.

In this debate Insure TV asks whether insurance brokers should have to be qualified. We ask:

  • Will a mandatory qualification unfairly disadvantage small brokers and neurodiverse individuals?
  • Is enough being done to protect the end-customer from bad-broking?
  • What could a transition to a mandatory qualification look like?

Joining us to discuss are:

  • Anna Wilkinson, Relationship Director, 1Stop Insurance
  • Yasmin Carter-Esdale, Development Underwriter, Hiscox
  • Chris Sulman, Head of Talent Acquisition, Konsileo


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